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TOEFL Listening

Updated March 04, 2010

The TOEFL Listening section consists of 34-51 questions that must be solved in 60-90 minutes. It is usually divided in to three parts:

  • 1st Part : Audio of short conversations is played followed by one question on it.

  • 2nd Part: Audio of dialogue between two people is played, this time the duration of the dialogue is bit longer. After the dialogue, set of around five multiple choice questions are asked.

  • 3rd Part: This section has the longest audios that can last upto two minutes. Usually only one orator speaks on some general topic. The candidate is expected to answer four to five question after each audio testing his TOEFL listening skills.

The TOEFL Listening Section usually consists of a multiple choice questions, however in some cases you may be given some visual questions as well. The only way to prepare for TOEFL listening section is appear for lots of TOEFL listening practise tests.